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Ask an Instructor!

  • With online education, do I have to take a test?
    Yes, but fortunately, the course material is presented in such a way, that passing the test is a snap if you know the information. The online courses include quizzes at the end of every lesson. For continuing education courses, the final exam can be taken as many times as is necessary to pass, and you must score at least a 75%. For prelicensing courses, the final exam must be taken at the school or a school-approved proctoring location. Prelicensing students who do not achieve at least a 75% on the final exam are allowed two more administrations of the final. For further information about the prelicensing final exam, please call the school at 928-208-1442.
  • Do I have to take the courses all in one sitting?
    No. You may take the courses five minutes at a time if you wish. When you exit the course and re-enter the system will take you exactly to where you left off, and you simply resume your studies.
  • Can I reach an instructor even if its after hours?
    Yes. The instructor realizes that as real estate professionals, you may not be able to complete the courses during normal business hours. (After all, this is the real estate business...) You may call the instructor during the hours of 6am to 6pm seven days a week. At the end of the month, if you are in a bind and need help, the instructor will make every effort to use all lawful means to help.
  • What are the requirements to get an Arizona Real Estate License?
    To Obtain an Arizona Real Estate License, a person must: Complete the 90-hour classroom salesperson pre-licensure course and pass the corresponding final exam. Complete a contract writing course pursuant to A.R.C. R4-28-402.E. Be fingerprinted (Popup) using ADRE-approved fingerprint cards, and file those fingerprints with the ADRE (and pay the associated fingerprinting fees). Pass the State Real Estate Exam. Apply for a real estate license (popup) with the ADRE (and pay the associated fees).
  • Can I take the 90-Hour Sales Prelicensure Course online?
    YES, YES, and YES! We offer the premier online 90-hour course. The entire course is written with Arizona in mind... Arizona laws, Arizona customs, Arizona license exam! We offer a full package that includes the online 90-hour sales prelicensing course, an exam prep product with 1000 questions, answers and explanations to help you pass your exams, and the 6-hour Contract Writing Bootcamp that is a prerequisite to licensing. Our instructor's contact information is on every page of the course so that we can assist you with whatever you need while you are taking the course! Click here to order our full-service package
  • What are the categories I need to take
    You must take 24 hours of CE, with three hours in each of the six mandated categories: Agency Disclosure Fair Housing Commissioner's Standards Real Estate Legal Issues Contract Law Plus two more courses in any category you wish. We recommend that you take an Ethics course to fulfull the requirement for your REALTOR association membership.
  • How many continuing education hours can I take in one day?
    ADRE regulations mandate that you take no more than nine hours on any given day.
  • How does the online course process work?
    It's easy! You register for the courses online, and pay with a credit card. You'll have access to your courses right away. After you take the courses, we'll help you log the course numbers in to the ADRE website.
  • Does the school notify the ADRE when I have completed my course work?
    We would so love to be able to do that...but ADRE regulations mandate that you login to the ADRE website using your secure login information, and enter the course numbers and start and completion dates into the ADRE database yourself. However, we are available to help you if you need help navigating the ADRE website.
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