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How it works

Bohler Inistitute Online real estate courses

Each real estate course offered at Bohler is designed by an Arizona real estate broker for Arizona real estate licensees. We don't purchase our courses from third parties. We write them ourselves, and they are designed with Arizona contracts and customs built in.

The process

  1. Register for a course, and pay with a credit card, or call us at (928) 208-1442.

  2. Upon completion of your registration, you'll be assigned a PIN, and your browser will display a link to login to your course. We also email this PIN and link to you.

  3. The user-friendly courses are very intuitive, and direct and instruct you throughout the entire process. 

  4. When you have satisfactorily completed all of the courses for which you registered, your certificate is emailed.

  5. Upon receipt of your certificate of completion, you'll login to the ADRE website, and enter the course number, start date, and completion date of each course that you have taken.

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