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School Final Exam at
Bullhead City Proctoring CTR

Take Your School Final Exam at the
Bullhead City Proctoring Center on the MCC Campus!


Step 1: Complete Course Evaluation

Complete the ADRE-required Course Evaluation. You will be routed back to this page when you submit the completed evaluation.  Go to Evaluation now.

Step 2: Get scheduled

Use the calendly scheduler below to schedule your final exam.  Upon confirming a time and dateyou will receive an email confirmation specifying the date and time for your test, and the address for the Bohler Institute Classroom.  A PDF of recommended study material will be attached to the email confirmation.  (Dont' forget to continue reading steps 3 through 6 on this page after you schedule!)

Step 3: Study for the Exam 

A PDF of sample questions and a glossary is downloadable from the PDF widget below.  Bohler Institute suggests READING THROUGH every word in the glossary and refreshing your memory about each vocabulary word, and I suggest working through every single one of the questions in the packet.  All answers are included. If you have questions, PLEASE CALL Karen Bohler! 

Click the download button at the upper right corner to download a PDF of sample exams and a glossary!

Step 4: Arrive at the Mohave Community College Bullhead City campus

Plan to arrive a the test center a few minutes before your test to allow time for parking, and pre-test administrative tasks.  Check in by presenting your NAME and PHOTO ID.  All of your information will have already been sent to the proctoring center. The Mohave Community College Bullhead City campus is located at 3400 AZ-95, Bullhead City, AZ 86442.   See map

Step 5: Payment of the Testing Fee

The proctoring center charges a $50 fee for the testing service, and Bohler Institute will take care of the fee for the first administration of your school exam, and you will not be charged.  If it is necessary for you to retake the exam a second or third time, you will pay a $50 fee before taking the exam.  Bohler Institute will collect this fee from you before you can sit for the second or third administration of the exam.  

Step 6: Take the Exam. 

Upon completion of the exam, you will see your results instantly and you will have ten minutes to look over your exam and make a mental note of what you missed.  You will not be able to leave the test center with any paper notes, so any written notes will be discarded. The proctoring center will email the completed exam to Bohler Institute.  

If you pass, the school will email your certificate of completion to you along with a checklist of what you still need to do.  Links to register for the state licensing exam will be included in the email message.

If you do not pass, the school will contact you, and make arrangements for a future administration of the exam and collect the fee. Bohler Institute will schedule your exam accordingly. 

Email to:
or call during business hours at:

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